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Introduction to ‘C’

27-11-18 Arjun Y 2 comments

C is a very powerful and widely used language. It is used in many scientific programming situations. It forms (or is the basis for) the core of the modern languages Java and C++. It allows you access to the bare bones of your computer.

Yet, with great power comes great responsibility. C will not coddle you (okay, raise your hand if you think Matlab was coddling… well compared to C it was very generous to you). C will require your syntax to be even more perfect than Matlab. C will make you define every variable with a Type, and not let you ever change these (in a given program). C will assume you are a master of everything you do.

Further, C is a very basic language. There are no frills, no GUIs, no Matrix processing abilities, very little file I/O support, etc. (Note: to be honest, all of these things have been written in C and are available as libraries, but the core C language is in some sense, bare boned.


  • Naveen Kumar chidella

    Why it is namd as c language,….?
    nd how it is before called…?

    27-11-18 Reply
    • Bhaskar Sampala

      Before c language development,there is a common programming language named COBOL,ALGOL for all programmers ,then after BCPL.In 1972 Denis ritchie developed C language.

      27-11-18 Reply

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