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Overview of the UML

09-12-18 Gudditi Naganjaneyulu 0 comment

Overview of the UML:

The UML is a language for :

  • Visualizing
  • Specifying
  • Constructing
  • Documenting


The UML is more than just a bunch of graphical symbols rather, behind each symbol in the UML notation has been a well-defined-semantics. In this manner one developer can write a model in the UML and another developer or even another tool can interpret that modes unambiguous.


Specifying means building models that are precise, unambiguous and complete.The UML address the specification of all the important analysis, design and implementation.


UML models can be directly connected to a variety of programming languages.Such as Java, C++, visual basic etc.,


The UML address the documentation of a system architecture and all of its details.It also provides a language for expressing requirements and for tests.


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