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Network Hardware

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Classification of Network hardware is done by using following two kinds of measures,

  1. Transmission Technology.
  2. Scale

Transmission Technology:

For communicating between resources using the network we have two types of transmission technologies they are,

  1. Broadcast links
  2. Point to point links
  • Broadcast Links:

Broadcast links are of single communication channels. Short messages are called packets, each packet consisting  of address field which describes, where the packet is going to moving in the network.

When a packet is moving to all directions of the network with the help of special kind of code embedded in the address field is called “Broadcasting”. A Broadcasting is allowed for a single subnet is called as “Multi casting”.

  • Point to point links:

Visiting more involved resources in the network to move the packet in easy way to reach destination. Having the multiple connections in the network is called as ”Point to point links”.

In Point to point links the main aim is to find the routers and their lengths are more important. In the network if there is only one sender and one receiver is called as “Uni casting”.



Hierarchy of scale division


In this view the entire system is classified by using their Physical size. The network allotted to a single person is called as “Personal Area Network(PAN)”, these are placed at the top level of network design. The hierarchy of the scale division is represented above figure.(must see the figure, for clear view). The list of Network types are mentioned below,

  1. Personal Area Network (up to 1 meter)
  2. Local Area Network (from 1 meter to 1 km)
  3. Metropolitan Area Network (up to 10 km)
  4. Wide Area Network (from 100 km to 1000 km)
  5. The Internet (Over the planet)

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