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Introduction to the UML

06-12-18 Gudditi Naganjaneyulu 0 comment

OOAD: Object Oriented  Analysis, Design

UML: Unifying Modelling Language 

  • The unified modeling language is standard language for writing software blueprints. The UML is appropriate for modeling system ranging from enterprise information system for distributed web based applications  and even on hard real time embedded systems
  • The UML may be used to visualize, specify, construct  and document the artifacts of a software  intensive system
  • The UML is only a language and so is just one part of a software development method

The UML is a language

I) A modeling language is a language whose vocabulary and rules focus on the conceptual and physical representations of the system

II) For software intensive system, this requires a language that addresses the different views of a system architecture as it evolves throughout the software  development  life cycle. That’s the role of the software development process.

III) A well defined process will guide you in deciding what conflicts to produce, what activities and what workers to use create them, what activities and what workers to use to create them and manage them.

IV) The to use those artifacts to measure and control the project as whole


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