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Introduction to Operations research

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The term operation research was coined in 1940 by MC Closky and Trefthen in a small town Bowdsay of the united kingdom .This new approach to the systematic and scientific study of the operations research or is used to helpful to solve complex problems under uncertainty….. OR


”  Operational research in the scientific study of operations for the purpose of making better decision, it is not possible to give uniformly acceptable definitions of OR. A few operations about the definitions of or are given below ”

  •  OR is the scientific method of providing executives with an analytical and objective basic decision

The various definitions given below out the following essential characteristics of OR:

  1.      System orientation
  2.       Use of interdisciplinary term
  3.       Applications of scientific method
  4.       Uncovering new problems
  5.        Quantitative solutions
  6.        Human factors

Modelling in OR -phrases:

            OR model is representative of a real life situation of OR model can be classified in many ways. They are representations of reality


            Models have many advantages over an overall description of a problem some of them are as follows

1)   It describes a problem much more consciously

2)   It provides some logical and systematic approach to the problems

3)   It indicates the limitations and scope of the problems

4)   It tends to make the overall structure of the problems more comprehensible


                   1)  Models are only an attempts at understanding an operation and should never be considered as absolute in any sense

2) The validity of any models with regard to the correspond operation can only be verified by carrying on experiment and relevant data characteristics


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