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Introduction to ‘Operating Systems’

03-12-18 Arjun Y 0 comment

Operating system covers many roles and functions. Operating systems exist because they offer a reasonable way to solve the problem of creating a usable computing system. The fundamental goal of operating system is to execute the user programs and to make solving user problems easier. The operating system will intermediate between user and machine and perform commonly required operations such as controlling I/O devices, controlling resources and allocating them as per the requirement. These commonly performed actions are merged into single piece of software: The Operating System.

A more common definition, and the one we usually follow , is that the operating system is the one program running at all times on the computer-Usually called Kernel.

A simple view point is that the vendor will ship an operating system with the machine you purchase. Some of the operating requires only few mega bytes of data while the graphical interface may take up to Giga Byte or more data.


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