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Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

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Image result for discreet DISCRETE MATHEMATICS logoIntroduction:

Basically, mathematics is just the general term for the branch of knowledge. It is used to deal with numbers for performing calculations .  Mathematics is the “scientifically of combination of numbers”.  It  is mainly used for numbers and operations ,variables to define describe. In this we can various concepts.

In this mathematical techniques , discrete mathematics is the branch of  math. It is mainly used to deal objects and that can only assume only distinct, separated values.

Mathematics way of thinking is powerful in all areas of such as computer science. In computer science we can use math for draw and development in algorithms for computer graphics, matrix learning.

In this we will learn the most important techniques used in discrete mathematics. In this subject we will concentrated with objects such as prepositions , integers, relations and functions the values which are all discrete. Discrete objects is the objects, those are which are separated from each other,auto mobiles.

  • In what way why discrete mathematics ?

Most of the people has not interested in the theoretical way of approach in computer science. So let us first we see why the people has much interest on the mathematical way in computer science.

Some of major reasons are:

  1. We can handle and understand large quantity matter.
  2. The thinking is very difficult .

In discrete mathematics such type of reasons  are not occur. In we develop by mathematical techniques not theory.

  • What is discrete mathematics ?

Discrete mathematics can be used to design efficient computer systems.

_   How did google manage to build a fast search engine.

_   In this  we can uses techniques about algorithms,data structures, data base,parallel computing,distributed systems , cryptography, computer networks.

 In above we can discuss about why discrete mathematics is used and developed?

Now we can want to discuss about what is discrete mathematics in subject  point of view. It is the logic. In that logic we can use artificial intelligence , data base , circuit design. In this we can also use counting , means probability techniques , analysis techniques for algorithms. In this we can develop graph theory  to computer networks , data structure.In we can use number theory also based on cryptography and coding theory.

In this basic concepts are logic , sets , functions  and relations etc.,.



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