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Database Users and Administrators

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Database users  and  administrators

  • People who walk with a database an be categorized as database users and database administrators
  • A typical DBMS has users with different rights and permissions who use it for different purpose
  • Some users retrieve data and some back it up
  • The users of a DBMS can be broadly categorized as follows
  1. Database administrator
  2. Designers
  3. End users

Database Administrator:
A person who has  control of both the data and the programs that access that data

  • Administrators maintain the DBMS and are responsible for administrating the database
  • They are responsible to look after its usage and by whom it should be used
  • They create access profiles for users and apply limitations to maintain, isolation  and security force
  • Administrators also look after  DBMS resources like system license requires tools, and others software and hardware related maintenance.


  1. Schema definition
  2. Storage structure and access method definition
  3. Schema and physical organization, modification
  4. Granting of authorization for data access
  5. Routine maintenance

Designers are the group of peoples who actually work on the designing part of the database, they keep close, work on designing part of the database. They keep a close watch on what on what data be kept and in what format they identifying  and designing the whole set of entities, relations, constraints.

End user:
End user are those who actually reap the beneficiary of having of DBMS. End users can range from simple viewers who pay attention to the logs or market to sophisticated users  such as business  analysis database users and user interface are 4 types of users

  1. Native users
  2. Application programmer
  3. Sophisticated user
  4. Specialized users

Unsophisticated user who interact with the system by involving one of the application program that have been written previously simply reports generated from the database

Application programmers:
A computer professional who writes application programs using RAD  tools to construct and supports without writing a program

Sophisticated users:
Entrusted with the system without writing programs. Data analysis can do the query operations by using OLAP tools and data, mining tools

Specialized users:
Write specialized application that does not fit into the traditional data processing framework

Ex: CAD’s expert systems to store data with  a complex data type

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