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Introduction to Computer Organization

29-11-18 Gudditi Naganjaneyulu 2 comments


Computer organization means the way how hardware components operate and connected together to form the computer system. It is very helpful to investigate the organizational structure of a system. It deals with computer architecture, computer organization and computer design. We are going to provide the basic knowledge necessary to understand the operation of hardware components of digital computer. 

All the information which we are providing is the simplest explanation of computer organization and is easy to understand. This is suitable for electrical & electronic engineering and computer science department. It can be used as first course in computer hardware, with computer organization and design through previous knowledge of digital logic design and architecture that covers the five functional units of digital computers including CPU, Arithmetic & Logic Unit,Control Unit ,Memory Organization and Input-Output Organization. It may suitable for self study by engineers, masters and scientists who need to acquire the basic knowledge of computer hardware architecture.


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