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Basic HTML Document Structure

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 Basic Html document contains two parts :

  1. Head part :  the Head element contains title and some meta data(data about data )of desired  HTML  document .
  2. Body part :  the Body element contains information to be displayed on the web page or HTML document .

Need to maintain HTML compatibility while using the  document declaration and tags using DTD software(Document Type Definition contains set of markup declarations ) and some basic tags for creation of a new web page .

Normal structure of HTML page given below :

Tags role to be played in HTML document :

<html>This tag says that web page is written in HTML Language

<head>Head part contains elements of meta data

<title>Contains the title of web page to be displayed</title>



This tag contains the data to be displayed on the web page or Content to be displayed on the site

<h1>This shows the heading part to be displayed </h1>

<p> This contains the para-graphical  data to be displayed </p>



This contains the para-graphical  data to be displayed

 What application to  need write HTML code ?

The web pages are created and modified while wrote code in professional HTML editors like : Notepad++,Coffee Cup,Aptana Studio,NetBeans,Blue fish,and Kompozer etc……..,

  • For sake of learning the HTML coding  we recommend to use the simple text editors  :


TextEdit (Macintosh operating system)

Procedure to be fallowed to enter and wrote HTML coding :

       1)Notepad (pc):

start > programs > accessories > Notepad (or) windows+s > then type Notepad > press enter

       2)Textedit (mac):

Preferences > format > choose “plain text “

How to wrote a simple HTML document to display your name :

I . Open Notepad or Text edit in computer

II .Then wrote code to display your Name as heading and caption as normal :





<p>Knowledge hub</p>



III . Then save text document as  with extension of  .HTMl

IV . Then open the file in browser Shows like this :


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