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Advantages of DBMS (Database Management System)

05-12-18 Gudditi Naganjaneyulu 0 comment

Advantages of DBMS:-

Maintaining data in database using DBMS contain many advantages they are:

1)      Data independence
2)      Efficient data access
3)      Data integrity and security
4)      Data administration
5)      Concurrent access and crash recovery
6)      Reduced application development time

Data independence:
Application program has not exposed the details about data represented and stored in the database. DBMS provides an abstract view of data and hides the details about the data stored in the DBMS.

Efficient data access:
DBMS fallows a variety of techniques to store the data and retrieve data in an efficient manner. This is an important feature that the data has been stored in external storage devices .

Data integrity and security:
DBMS can enforce integrity constraints, while accessing the data from the DBMS
For Ex: – before inserting salary information for an employee the DBMS can check budget department is not extended (.TXT)

Data administration:
The administration of data can offer significant improvements and data can be shared among several users. The data can be managed and used by the different group of users

Concurrent access and crash recovery:
DBMS access the concurrency of data in such a manner, the data can be accessed by only one user at a time.DBMS provides the protection of users from the security failures

Reduced application development time:
DBMS support important functions that are accessing data in many applications from the DBMS.DBMS application is stand alone applications because, many tasks are handled by the DBMS

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