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Why is UML important

13-12-18 Gudditi Naganjaneyulu 0 comment

Why is UML important

  • In the past decode the UML has emerged as the software blue print language for analysis designers and programmers alike .it is now part of the software trade
  • The UML gives everyone from business analyst to designers to programmers a common vocabulary to talk about software design
  • The UML is applicable to object oriented problems solving

UML uses :

 The UML is intended primarily for software intensive system .it has been used effectively for such domains as .

  1. Enter price information system
  2. Banking and financial services
  3. Telecommunication
  4. Transportation
  5. Defenseaerospace
  6. Retails
  7. Medical electronics
  8. Scientific
  9. Distributedweb-based services
  10. TheUML  is not limited to modelling software
  11. In fact it is expenses enough to model non software system such as work flow in the legal system
  12. The structure and behavior of a patient healthcare system and design of hardware

UML and the modeling process can,help improves quality ,completeness and scalabulity

And reduce production time in many software projects

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